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Woolla application

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Woolla application Empty Woolla application

Post  GenghisKhan Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:12 pm

Hi i'm Woolla!
I live on the islands: Hehios (Main Island), Litios (My Second) and Kimetia (My Third)..!
I play in the world Zeta. I'm not so much a fighter, i more like the economy =)
I don't know what things you wan't to know about me but that was some of it =)
Or else you can ask =)

And if i haven't mensioned it then i try to join UNION.

P.S. I like UNION not because your number one in alliance highscore, because there is a lot of friendship and careness and harmony, and because everyone don't have 15000 points or more.. No because everyone can join.. Some with low points and some with high.. UNION is the greatest alliance i've ever known! By the way.. I have been a member in the alliance U_E.. Witch is destroyed now.. We were number 19 on the alliance score! But hope you'll see this and respond =)

--------- I moved it -------------

Best regards
Genghis Khan
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