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Being attacked! Help!!!

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Being attacked! Help!!! Empty Being attacked! Help!!!

Post  Lady MoPink Tue May 13, 2008 3:04 pm

Okay this player attacked me on my new town in wich i did't have any military yet, i send a spy and he is level 10 in his 2 towns:

Coyeos[27:81] - Fort of General and Hebios[28:82] also Fort of General.
Troops in Fort of General Unit Quantity
No units available.

Fleets in Fort of General Ship Quantity
Ram-Ship 1
Flamethrower 1
Ballista Ship 1

Field of research Current research
Seafaring Counterweight
Economy Holiday
Military Governor
Science Glass

Resource Quantity

Help!!! Please...
Lady Mopink

Lady MoPink
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